VPN and Gaming

What is meant by VPN?

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”. It allows you to establish a secured private network connection across a public network connection over the Internet. It provides anonymity by encrypting your Online identity and gives privacy by hiding your browsing activity.

The VPNs prevent hackers and other snoops from tracking your online activity and make it really difficult for them to steal your data. The encryption provided by VPNs takes place in real-time.

How does a VPN work?

Basically, a VPN works by connecting your device (smartphone, computer, or laptop) to a VPN hosted server.

  • Whenever you browse something over the Internet while connected to a VPN, your connected device connects to the browsed website through the encrypted VPN connection.
  • The VPN forwards your request to the server and gives you a response from that requested website through the secured VPN connection. By redirecting your connected device to a VPN server, it acts like it is on the same network as that of the VPN, and all your network traffic is redirected to a secure connection to the VPN.
  • It hides your online identity by encrypting your original IP address. Thus, your online surfing can never be tracked if you are using a VPN. This also allows you to use the Internet as if you were located at the VPN’s location, offering some benefits like accessing geo-blocked websites and games.
  • It allows you to securely access local network resources no matter on which side of the world you are. For instance, if you are using a UK-based VPN to access Netflix, Netflix will perceive your connection as coming from within the UK.

Why is VPN needed for Gaming?

Well, you have already got an idea of a VPN and its prime advantages – security and privacy. For gaming, a VPN proves to be highly beneficial as it maintains the privacy and security of the gamers and improves their gaming experience.

Do you spend most of your ME-time playing games and looking for a way to improve your gaming experience?

If yes, then this article is surely for you!

Let us explore the role of VPN in enhancing your gaming experience by going through the points given as follows:

  1. Prevents DDoS attacks

You might have heard of a DDoS attack linked to the websites only. But, as a gamer, you can also face a DDoS attack by your competitors. DDoS attacks have been frequently increased up to 2.5 times over the past 3 years.

A DDoS attack (Distributed denial of service) is performed to choke the bandwidth, making the systems/services offline. These attacks are usually done in online gaming tournaments. In gaming, a DDoS affects the availability and performance of players by disconnecting them.

However, if you have a VPN, no one can perform a DDoS attack against you as it encrypts your IP address due to which your real online identity would be anonymous and will prevent the attackers to flood your system.

  • Protects against Hacking.

Winning and losing is a part of gaming but sometimes some extreme players take it very seriously. Sometimes, the competitor players start stalking you for malicious damage. If an exasperated player gets your original IP address, he/she can hack your gaming account or even your personal social media accounts. In worst cases, such disgruntled players could even track you outside the internet world.

However, if you use a VPN while gaming then you surely do not have to worry about all these things because a VPN provides anonymity and will safeguard your original IP address so that no one will be able to stalk you ever and your accounts will remain protected against hackers.

  • Overcomes Geo-blocking

There are various online games that use geo-blocking technology to restrict certain players from playing offered games. The games using geo-blocking technology have various servers in certain different geographical regions and allow players of only those specified regions to play them within those regions.

Geo-blocking is usually implemented when a game is very popular across the world and is not yet released worldwide.

For example, if you are in the USA, you can only connect to a server in the US. Similarly, if you are in the UK, you can only connect to a server in the UK. The geo-blocking of games can be problematic when you want to team up and play with friends from other regions where the game is temporarily unavailable.

However, VPNs overcome geo-blocking by having several servers in multiple regions. Thus, you can easily connect to a server outside of your region with the help of a VPN. All that you need to do is to choose an appropriate company and connect through your VPN to a server there.

Therefore, VPNs allow you to play your favorite games regardless of your region by simply encrypting your original IP address.

  • Reduces Lag

For a gamer, the right shot at the right time is the key to win. If you are in a battle and your weapons are not working efficiently, then no matter how good a warrior you are, you will end up dying within no time. Similarly, lagging in gaming can spoil the flow of your game and can ruin your entire game.

One of the prominent reasons for long lagging time is high ping time. The ping time is basically the time taken by the data to transmit between your gaming device and the game server. The most common reason for high ping time is the distance between the gaming device and the game server.

A VPN helps in reducing the ping time and lag by connecting your gaming device to the VPN server which is closest to the game server. Reduced lag enhances the gaming experience and improves the performance of gamers.

  • Eliminates Bandwidth Throttling

Most of the Internet service providers (ISPs) slow down the internet service to regulate the traffic by reducing bandwidth congesting.

ISPs perform bandwidth throttling if they notice certain traffic on the network, particularly gaming, streaming, and file sharing. They sometimes also throttle your internet service once they detect a specified amount of data transferred.

Here are some examples of some renowned games along with the size of their data transferred per hour:

GameData Per Hour
Battlefield V100MB
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout70MB
Microsoft Flight Simulator700MB
Dota 2120MB
Counterstrike: Global Offensive250MB
Destiny 2300MB
Call of Duty: World War II40MB
Grand Theft Auto V Online60MB
Call of Duty: Black Ops 480MB
Sea of Thieves30MB

The above given figures are only the average data sizes for a single hour of gameplay regardless of any data utilized in downloading game updates.

By now, you have got the idea of how much amount of data is used by a game. Suppose if you play for more than a few hours a day, and download all the required game updates, you may acknowledge that you reach a data cap quite quickly.

There are maximum chances of bandwidth throttling in gaming as a lot of data is transferred according to the type of game being played. But for gamers, Bandwidth throttling is definitely not good as games required a fast and reliable internet connection to operate.

However, A VPN can help you to circumvent data throttling by encrypting your data, making it difficult for your ISP to ascertain whether you are playing games or simply surfing the internet.

Various VPNs can also switch your ports, making it more difficult for your Internet service providers to throttle your data.

Should you use a VPN for Gaming?

By now, you must have developed a clear picture of a VPN and its role in gaming. Let us now see whether you should use a VPN for gaming or not.

Being a gamer, would you ever want to lose just because of your bandwidth throttling, long lag time, or a DDoS attack?

Of course not!

A VPN is something that can prevent you from losing a game due to all those above-mentioned issues. It keeps you away from all those factors that could compromise your gameplay and make you lose your game.

Can you play well while being afraid? 

Absolutely not!

A good gamer needs to be fully attentive and fearless towards the gameplay but the fear of getting hacked by a competitor could surely affect his/her performance. In such cases, A VPN is a savior for you!

A VPN hides your original IP address and ensures protection against hacking.

Do you want to play a game but can’t be due to geo-blocking?

If yes, then just download a VPN and enjoy playing your desired game!

A VPN allows you to play even those games that are being geo-blocked in your region. All you need to do is to download a reliable VPN and get started.

Considering the above-mentioned points, it is evident that using a VPN for gaming is worth it. It not only allows you to play your favorite game from wherever you are but also provides you a great gaming experience.

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