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Unsafe Computer Catches Fire: NZXT H1 Case & BLD Serious Problems

We’re demonstrating how NZXT’s H1 case (or BLD prebuilt) can catch fire, diagnosing the electrical problem, and discussing whether it remains unsafe even with the new screws.
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In this content, we’ll feature Steve trying to initially trigger the fire problem described by NZXT in its H1 case, followed by Patrick Stone diagnosing the issue, then Patrick Lathan mapping the PCIe slot electrical wiring. In short, we believe that NZXT is shorting 12V to ground, which can turn the trace at fault into a tiny heating element that ignites a fire. If you have not yet replaced the screws in the riser, please do it immediately — but we’re also concerned that the riser itself remains problematic since we believe there may be an exposed trace in the PCB.


00:00 | “Oh Sh…”
02:02 | Recapping the Fire Issue
04:15 | Trying to Recreate the Issue Without the Case
06:27 | Patrick Explains the NZXT Current Loop Causing Fires
10:59 | NZXT Shorting 12V to Ground (PCIe Cable is the Problem)
15:00 | Motherboard Tray & Round 2 of Fire Testing
16:15 | Short-Circuit & Over-Current Protections Won’t Help
17:13 | Building in the NZXT H1 Case
19:50 | Eureka – We Have Found It
22:46 | FIRE!
24:36 | You Should Replace This Cable
27:38 | 240 Degrees Celsius
27:50 | High Severity, Low Frequency
29:26 | Post-Mortem & Explanation
32:20 | Additional Concerns for NZXT H1 Riser
33:52 | Final Thoughts

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Hosts (order of appearance): Steve Burke, Patrick Stone, Patrick Lathan
Video: Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman


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