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Top 5 – Drug trips in gaming

Mushrooms in Super Mario Bros., little white pills in Pac-Man, and trippy glasses in Castlevania. These are just some of the slight references to drugs in video games, whereas others are just blatant. Hey, it’s all fun and games until the flower-man starts sneezing jellybean-flavoured piano keys. Uhh… yeah… Here are our top five drugs in video games!

5. Green Syringe – Surgeon Simulator 2013

We’ve all been there: elbow-deep in someone’s guts, performing a life-saving operation. But when you reach over to the organ container, you accidentally prick yourself and the world goes all green and bubbly. Hey, what’s the worst that could happen? The Green Syringe is pretty much a ‘game over’ if you miss the life-saving Blue Syringe, but what a ‘game over’ it is!

4. Mother Punga – Fallout 3: Point Lookout

Exclusive to Fallout 3’s Point Lookout DLC, the Mother Punga is the wasteland’s very own peyote tree. While the Punga fruit itself doesn’t have any trippy effects, the Mother Punga will send you on a journey and beyond. Side effects include nausea, blurred vision and a man with a strange moustache stealing a piece of your brain. Wicked!

3. Valkyr – Max Payne series

The icky substance at the heart of the Max Payne series, Valkyr is the wonder drug of the evil Aesir Corporation. And by “wonder drug” we mean it’s a green liquid intended to turn soldiers into killing machines. Unfortunately for Aesir, the drug also came with a hearty dose of mental deterioration. In short, Valkyr turns people crazy, and everyone winds up paying for it one way or another.

2. Fear Gas – Batman: Arkham Asylum

On their own, scarecrows are freaky as fuck. But a psychotic scarecrow with a mind-mashing fear toxin is where we have to draw the line. No pun intended. Scarecrow’s Fear Gas doesn’t make you see the things that aren’t there, but creates a living nightmare out of the things that haunt the darkest corners of the mind. If it can hit Batman, it can hit anyone.

1. PCP – Grand Theft Auto 5

The GTA series has had many drugs references in its history, but the trips we experienced in Grand Theft Auto 5 were out of this world. Shooting psychopatic clowns and aliens was totally awesome and if you were a bit more mellow you could always enjoy the bong at Franklin’s place. But the best drug trip in GTA 5 was the Trip from Michael. Jimmy gave him PCP, also known as Angel Dust or Kristal Joint. Nowadays it’s limited to veterinary use.

Don’t use that stuff. You will pass out and wake up practically naked after which you will have to find your way home… But that’s just another Thursday to us…

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