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The Pokémon And Stardew Valley Hybrid Monster Harvest Has Been Delayed (Again)

Monster Harvest

Update [Tue 8th Jun, 2021 00:55 BST]: Following on from the original delay, pushing the game from May to a July release, Monster Harvest has now been delayed again. Its physical and digital release will now arrive on 19th August.

The developer Maple Powered Games has shared the following statement, explaining how it wants the game to ship in the “best shape possible”:

“Delays are awful, we are sorry to let down our friends and fans, yet we want to make sure we dispatch Monster Harvest in the best shape possible so that our whole community will enjoy it. We realized how important it is to ensure high-quality support for as many regions as possible right from launch day, even if that means having to push back our release date by just over a month. We are shipping the game by August 19th, with no further days and it’ll be worth it when we show what we have in store for you.”

Original story [Fri 23rd Apr, 2021 00:55 BST]: Game delays have become increasingly common over the past year, and today, publisher Merge Games is adding another one to the pile of releases that won’t make it on time.

Yes, for everyone looking forward to Monster Harvest‘s arrival next month on 13th May, the digital release of this Stardew Valley x Pokémon-style game has now been moved to 8th July. Physical versions have also been pushed back with the North America release now arriving on 20th July, and the European launch following on 23rd July.

The reason behind this delay is apparently due to the “wonderful community feedback” during the beta:

“First, the bad news. The train to Planimal Point is slightly delayed and we have moved Monster Harvest back to July 8th. We ran a closed beta and had some wonderful feedback from our testers, but we made the decision that we wanted to increase the amount of content in the game for release based on that feedback. So whilst we’re very sorry to delay your trip to Planimal Point, the good news is that we’re extremely excited to bring you a game with some fantastic additions on release!

This additional content on release will include a dungeon minimap, variant dungeon rooms (with rare and unique encounters), unlockable Planimal attacks, more crop variations, new additions to town (including an overhaul to NPC’s and relationships), expanded farm size, more structured goals and rewards and a new female character model.

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