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The iCarly gang is all grown up in the trailer for the sequel series

The first trailer for the iCarly sequel series brings back almost all the characters, spotlighting the new problems that they face as actual certified grown-ups. Freddie is trying to get back into the dating game after divorcing his wife, Carly says the word “sexy” out loud, and Spencer drinks beer! It’s not full of heavy-handed adult references, but the characters now face the same sorts of problems that the audience who grew up watching them likely face as well. Ah, the passage of time! But seriously, for any MillenZial who feels old about this, I would like to remind y’all just how awful middle and high school actually were.

Miranda Cosgrove returns as Carly, with Nathan Kress as Freddie and Jerry Trainor as Spencer. Also returning is Carly’s arch nemesis Nevel Papperman (Reed Alexander) and Freddie’s overbearing mom (Mary Scheer). The original iCarly was a hallmark of the RANDOM XD era of the internet, so word’s out on how much updated online culture will make it into the new show. I already predict an episode called “iGet Canceled.”

The iCarly sequel series premieres on June 17.

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