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Random: This Kid Tried To Sell His Prized Pokémon Card Collection To Save A Sick Puppy

An eight-year-old named Bryson Kliemann from Virginia, USA was worried about his dog. The puppy, Bruce, was lethargic and acting differently — not like a puppy at all. After taking the poor pup to the vet, he was diagnosed with parvo, a contagious virus mainly seen in canines. Parvo is extremely dangerous, and can lead to death, especially in younger dogs, so when the treatment costs came to $700, the family despaired.

“It made me kind of sad, because usually my brother and sister play together and I don’t have anybody to play with,” said Bryson to a local news station, Local12. “I usually play with Bruce.”

Bryson took matters into his own hands, and made a roadside stall with a sign that read, “4 SALE Pokemon”. As a massive fan of the series, Bryson owned a lot of Pokémon cards, and considering that there’s currently a huge boom in prices, it wasn’t a bad idea to try to sell them off to raise money.

But when Bryson’s mother, Kimberly Woodruff, saw a photo of her son’s attempt to help with the vet costs, she set up a GoFundMe called “Just a boy trying to save his dog” to raise the money without Bryson having to lose his precious collection. The initial goal was $800, but people were inspired by the story, and over 150 donors managed to raise $5,420. Woodruff says that the extra money will go towards medical expenses for other sick dogs in the area.

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