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This Node.js Full Course will cover all the basic necessary topics you need to know about NodeJS along with hands-on demos. This Node JS tutorial is ideal for both beginners as well as professionals covering the topics on what is Node JS, Node JS installation, Node JS architecture, Node JS NPM, Node JS express framework, building REST API, Node JS tutorial, and most important Node JS interview questions and answers.

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Below are the contents covered in this NodeJS full course:
0:00 Introduction
00:01:20 What is Node JS
00:13:42 Node JS Installation on windows 10
00:17:32 Node JS Architecture
00:21:44 NodeJS NPM
00:36:25 Node JS Express Framework
01:11:07 Building a REST API USing Node JS
01:35:26 Node JS Authentication with JWT
01:58:23 Node JS MySQL Tutorial
02:23:37 Node JS MongoDB Tutorial
03:24:17 Node JS Interview questions and answers

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About Simplilearn Node.js Training Course:
This Node.js training enables you to build network applications quickly and efficiently using JavaScript. The Node.js certification training course is designed to help developers understand and build web applications with the help of JavaScript.

Node.js Training Key Features
1. 100% Money Back Guarantee
2. 36 hours of instructor-led online training
3. Three real-life, industry-based projects
4. 16 chapter-end quizzes
5. Master Node.js,, Express.js with MongoDB, and SQLite
6. Flexibility to choose classes

Node.js Course Overview:
The Node. js certification training course helps you gain an in-depth knowledge of concepts such as Express.js, Node Packet Manager (NPM), shrink-wrap, NPM Vet, REST, Express.js with MongoDB, and SQLite CRUD operations. This Node.js training focuses on the essential concepts of Node.js and provides hands-on experience in building an HTTP server.

Node.js Training Course Eligibility:
This Node.js Certification Training is ideal for technical project managers, technical leads, full-stack web developers, quality analysts, architects, and students or aspiring professionals who wish to lead web development.

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