MongoDB Tutorial – CRUD app from scratch using Node.js

In this MongoDB Tutorial, you will learn how to use MongoDB to create a complete Todo CRUD Application. This project uses MongoDB, Node.js, Express.js, jQuery, Bootstrap, and the Fetch API.


⭐️Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (00:00) Overview
⌨️ (01:57) Setting Up our Application
⌨️ (11:27) Server Side – Read Portion
⌨️ (15:56) Server Side – Update Portion
⌨️ (21:17) Server Side – Create Portion
⌨️ (25:03) Server Side – Delete Portion
⌨️ (28:44) Creating Our Index.html File
⌨️ (41:25) Fetch API – GET Request
⌨️ (44:42) Fetch API – POST Request
⌨️ (49:39) Fetch API – DELETE Request
⌨️ (53:44) Fetch API – PUT Request
⌨️ (59:07) User Input Validation

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