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Hypnospace Outlaw Gets A Neat Retro-Styled Physical Release (With A Bonus CD!)

The internet peaked around the year 2000, when websites were ugly-beautiful with rotating images, scrolling marquee text, and ten thousand fonts on every single page. How were you supposed to let your crush know that you were a vibrant, interesting character with a wide range of hobbies if you didn’t have them all represented in gif format, after all?

Hypnospace Outlaw is a game that reveres and satirises that late-’90s-early-’00s web aesthetic with Hypnospace, a version of the internet you can browse in your sleep. You are cast as an Enforcer, a version of Internet Police that cracks down on various Bad Things like copyright infringement, bullying, and viruses. You’ll be surfin’ the net, finding all sorts of cringey teen content alongside charming fansites, and cracking down on them all like some kind of terrible government-sanctioned party pooper. Or, perhaps, you can evade the rules somehow, you cool kid, you.

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