How to PASS a Coding Interview – Tips, Advice & Resources

So how do you crack the coding interview? How do you land a job at one of these big tech companies? Well there is a lot more to it than Leetcode. In this video I’ll be teaching you everything you need to know to ace the coding interview including: how to prepare with programming problems, how to whiteboard your solution and the ways you should tackle a problem. If you follow these coding interview tips YOU WILL pass your technical interview.

⭐ My TOP choices to prepare for the coding interview ⭐
🔗 Algoexpert – (Use the code “techwithtim” for a 15% discount)
🔗Leetcode Premium –

Although these platforms are paid they are a worthwhile investment. Even just interns make well over $40 USD/hour at these large tech companies. If you use these platforms properly you’ll make back your investment in mere hours!

📖 My steps for solving interview questions 📖
🕐 Analyze the problem thoroughly
🕑 Reduce ambiguity and ask the necessary questions
🕒 Diagram or draw out the problem
🕓 Consider different solutions and their space time complexity
🕔 Choose the best solution you can implement in the time given
🕕 Discuss and explain in-depth exactly what you are going to do
🕖 Convince the interviewer your solution is correct before you start coding
🕗 Translate your solution to code while explaining each step as you go (ensure it does seem like you are merely reciting a memorized solution)
🕘 Communicate with your interviewer about your thought process and listen for any potential feedback or hints from them
🕙 If your interviewer gives you a hint ensure you incorporate it into your solution
🕚 Talk about advantages and disadvantages of your solution and the space time complexity

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