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BATMAN SEASON 2 THE ENEMY WITHIN EPISODE 3 ENDING – Walkthrough Gameplay Part 4 (Telltale)

Batman The Telltale Series Season 2 The Enemy Within Episode 3 Ending Walkthrough Gameplay Part 4 includes a Review and Episode 3 of Batman The Telltale Series for PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and PC. This Batman The Telltale Series Gameplay Walkthrough will include a Review, Episode 1: The Enigma, Episode 2: The Pact, Episode 3: Fractured Mask, Episode 4: What Ails You and Episode 5: Same Stitch along with the Ending of the Single Player.


Batman: The Telltale Series is an episodic point-and-click graphic adventure video game developed and published by Telltale Games and distributed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment under its DC Entertainment label. The game is based on Bill Finger and Bob Kane’s Batman comic book series, though not tied to any previous adaption of the work in film or other media.

The season will focus on Batman foiling a plan set by Riddler, though will continue to face his other arch-nemesis “John Doe”, who is still at large after escaping from Arkham Asylum. While this will be a standalone title and does not require the first game, players’ choices in the first game can influence the story in The Enemy Within. The player will take the role of Batman as both the superhero and as Bruce Wayne, his alter-ego.


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