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This video on Angular full course will introduce to you the fundamental concepts of this framework. Angular is a full-fledged JavaScript front-end framework used to create Single page applications. There’s a great demand for angular developers in the market today. If you wish to learn Angular then you’re in the right place.

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This complete tutorial will cover the following topics –
00:00:00 What is Angular?
00:12:50 Angular Hello world
00:17:48 Angular Components
00:29:09 Angular Dependency Injection
00:29:09 Angular Forms
01:03:16 Angular Services
01:28:48 Angular Bootstrap
01:54:46 Angular routing
02:08:06 React vs Angular vs Vue
02:16:50 What’s new with Angular 10
02:25:55 Angular Interview Questions

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What Is Angular?
Angular is an open-source, JavaScript framework written in TypeScript. Google maintains it, and its primary purpose is to develop single-page applications. As a framework, Angular has clear advantages while also providing a standard structure for developers to work with. It enables users to create large applications in a maintainable manner.

About Simplilearn Angular Certification Training Course:
This Angular Certification Training Course will help you master front-end web development with Angular. Gain in-depth knowledge of concepts like facilitating the development of single-page web applications, dependency injection, typescript, components, and directives with this Angular Course. Simplilearn’s Angular certification course helps you understand the design of single-page applications and how Angular facilities their development. This Angular certification provides knowledge of concepts such as TypeScript, Bootstrap Grid System, dependency injections, SPA, forms, pipes, promises, observables, and Angular class testing.

Key Features:
✅ 50 hours of Applied Learning
✅ Three industry-based projects and 12 quizzes
✅ Free introductory JavaScript course
✅ Flexibility to choose classes

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